A Message from Van Christo

I am deeply offended and saddened after viewing groups of young Americans on TV waving swastika flags and Heil Trump placards on Saturday, August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia

From 1944-1946, I served in the US Navy on frosina-paypalboard the U.S.S. Chaffee DE230 in the Pacific, where my ship was torpedoed by a Japanese bomber. I fought as did my fellow servicemen and women to defeat Nazism. Thousands of Americans gave their lives during WWII to preserve the freedom of those who had suffered so greatly under the horrific Nazi scourge. After the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1946, we brought our still damaged ship to California and I soon came home to proud Albanian immigrant parents who came to this country to get away from bigotry and oppression.

The Albanian community was proud that their sons and daughters defended their new homes in the USA. Yes, we won the war, but how have we now lost sight of our WWII victory so much that it has resulted in thousands of Neo Nazis in today’s America?

More disheartening is that the President of the United States has disgraced himself and his presidency by drawing equivalency between the white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and KKK members to protestors and people like Heather Heyer.

I am now urging our congressional delegation and community leaders in Massachusetts to denounce the President’s shameful remarks and demand that the United States Congress condemn President Trump’s remarks and take an immediate and forceful stand against this racism and violence now in America.