Albanian Language Instruction

Author: Pimsleur International

Dr. Ludmilla Buxheli, an Albanian linguist recently engaged in linguistics research at Harvard University, was selected by Pimsleur International to write Speak & Read Essential Albanian I — the 20th self-instruction, foreign-language course in the world-renowned Pimsleur Series. The digital recording was produced at Harvard University.

Based upon Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s pioneering research and development work in self-instructional, spoken foreign-language communication skills training, this self-instruction, audiocassette course provides a cost-effective and efficient way for anyone to acquire the ability to understand and speak the Albanian language!

Already in great demand by Americans who want to develop business opportunities in a now-democratic Albania, this program solves the language communications problems for travelers who can now take full advantage of visiting previously restricted archeological and historic sites, non-Albanians married to Albanian spouses, 2nd and 3rd generation Albanian-Americans who want to brush up, or anyone who wants to acquire the Albanian language — the direct descendent of the ancient Illyrian language.

Speak & Read Essential Albanian I, like all Pimsleur courses, provides real-life conversations by two native Albanian speakers (male and female) of the language and an English-speaking tutor-on-the-tape to guide you through the training.

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