Books about Kosova

The books listed below can be ordered from book stores such as The Globe Corner Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc., or consult a local library.

In English:
1. Studies on Kosova, Arshi Pipa and Sami Repishti, East European Monographs, 1984, ISBN 0-88033-047-3
2. Kosova: The Albanians in Jugoslavia in Light of Historical Documents, S.S. Juka, Waldron Press, 1984, ISBN 0-9613601-0-0
3. Kosovo: A Short History, $26.95, Noel Malcolm, New York University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-8147-5598-4
4. Kosovo – In the Heart of the Powder Keg, $84.00, Robert Elsie, Eastern Europe Monographs, 1997, ISBN 0-88033-375-8
5. Conflict Over Kosovo, $8.95, David Felder, Wellington Press, 1996, ISBN-0-910959-89-7
6. Serbian Golgotha: Kosovo, 1389, $60.00, Thoma Emmert, Columbia University Press, 1990, ISBN 0-88033-175-5
7. The Saga of Kosovo: Focus on Serbian-Albanian Relationships, $22.50, Ale Dragnich, Brooklyn College Press, 1985, ISBN 0-317-18452-0
8. The Kosova Crisis and Human Rights in Yugoslavia: A Report of the Committee on International Human Rights, Michael Galligan et al. (in Record of the Assoc. of the Bar of the City of New York, April, 1991)
9. Kosovo – Open Wounds: Human Rights Abuses in Kosovo, $15.00, Human Rights Watch, 1994, ISBN 1-56432-131-1
10. Journey to Kosova, $8.00, Alice Mead, Loose Cannon Press, 1995, ISBN 1-888034-00-9

Difficult to Find:
11. The Plight of Ethnic Albanians, The Albanian Kosovar Youth in the Free World, Iger, Istituto Grafico Editoriale Romano, Rome, Italy, 1985
12. What the Kosovars Say and Demand: Collection of Studies, Articles, Interviews, and Commentaries, Harillaq Kekezi and Rexhep Hida, Editors, 8 Nentori Publishing House, Tirana, Albania, 1990
13. Kosova: A Case for Preventive Diplomacy, Blerim Reka, Prishtina, Kosova, 1994

In Albanian:
14. Kosova Dhe Shqiptarët: Çështje Demografike, Hivzi Islami, PENA, Prishtina, Kosova, 1990
15. Kosova: Djepi i Shqiptarizmit, Hamit Kokolarit, Lidhja Kosovare, 1962
16. Në Kosovë, Petrit Kumi, 8 Nentori Publishing House, Tirana, Albania, 1986

In Croatian/Serbian:
17. Kosovo Pitanje (The Question of Kosova), Branko Horvat, Globus, Zagreb, 1994 (Croatian)
18. Branioci Kosova, $25.00, Milos Acin-Kosta, 1989, ISBN 0-931931-30-4 (Serbian)

Frosina thanks Dr. Sami Repisht and, in particular, Veronique DuPont
of The Globe Corner Bookstore, Boston, for her help in compiling this list.

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