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Alexandra Chako – Malisory of Voskopojë, Albania and Southbridge, MA turns 105

The Worcester Telegram carried today the wonderful story of Alexandra Chako – Malisory, a native of Voskopoja in Albania and resident of Southbridge, MA, who turned 105 on Wednesday, March 6, 2014.

Frosina wishes Ms. Chako – Malisory all the very best for this remarkable anniversary.

Southbridge has been one of the most important centers of the Albanian – American community in the past 100 years. VATRA had a very active branch there and an important Orthodox Church  was founded around that time under the leadership of late Archbishop Fan S. Noli.

Nee’ Alexandra Chako, Ms. Malisory met her future husband Spiro in the mid 1930s during one of the latter’s visits to relatives in Albania. The last name Malisory means in Albanian language “a native of the mountain” or “Malësor”.

Asked by the Worcester Telegram about the secret to her longevity, “the native of Voskopoje, Albania, said she often eats cheese and yogurt. If she doesn’t have feta cheese and toast for breakfast, “I’m no good,” she concedes.”

An avid Red Sox fan, her family brought Ms. Malisory to enjoy a Red Sox game at the Fenway Park five years ago for her 100 anniversary.  She recently complained to the Worcester Telegram that “that outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury had defected to the Yankees for more money.”

Ms. Malisory has three children, five grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

It is an unwritten custom in the Great Britain that the Queen sends personal wishes to people on their 100th anniversary.

According to the Worcester Telegram, Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick will send an official citation congratulating Ms. Malisory on her 105th “milestone birthday”. Perhaps U.S. President Barack Obama and Albanian President Bujar Nishani may wish to follow suit.

The full story from the Worcester Telegram is here:

Worcester Telegram

BESA THE PROMISE – to be shown at Wayland, MA on March 23, 2014

Frosina is proud to announce that the movie BESA THE PROMISE will be shown in Wayland, Massachusetts on March 23, 2014 at the Islamic Center of Boston.

The movie is one of the documentaries showing the courage and sacrifice of the Albanian people of all religious denominations in saving the Jews of Albania and of other European countries during the terrible and long night of the Holocaust.  Special guest at the event will be Ms. Johanna Gerechter Neumann, a Holocaust survivor and a great friend, who was recently decorated by the President of Albania for being a good will Ambassador for remembrance, reconciliation and peace.

More information on the Weston Wayland Interfaith Group is here:

More information on the event is below:

BESA Wayland poster

Holgen Gjoni’s Chamber Music Concert in Boston

Frosina is proud to introduce the concert of Holgen Gjoni, a talented cellist from Albania, who will be performing in Boston on February 21.

For more information, please click here:

Albanian Cellist Holgen Gjoni

The concert information message is below:


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is my pleasure to invite you and share news of my upcoming chamber music concert at The Boston Conservatory’s Seully Hall on February the 21-st at 8 pm.
The program includes masterworks of composers like Dohnanyi, Brahms, Gubaidulina and Shostakovich exploring a wide sonority spectrum of the trio genre…
Thank you for your support and hope to see you there!
With warms regards,

Kadare’s famous poem

In the Valentine spirit of this year 2014, Frosina brings to the attention of our distinguished readers one of the most precious poems by Ismail Kadare.

Its true title is “Mall” – Longing – but often it is referred by its first line: Ca pika shiu ranë mbi qelq – Some Raindrops Came to my Window.

It is in four verses the story of two lovers who live in the same city but rarely see each other. It is the beginning of the Autumn, and the poem’s deep sensuality brings us back the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, with his famous call to reality and time, which flows inexorably away from us.

Everything in this rainy Autumn morning is like a dream, according to Kadare and, as the raindrops come down to the window glasses, the lonely character cannot escape the deep longing for the sweetheart living, maybe, a few blocks away.

The full version in standard Albanian is here:


Ca pika shiu ranë mbi qelq.
Për ty unë befas ndjeva mall.
Jetojmë të dy në një qytet,
Dhe rrallë shihemi sa rrallë.

Edhe m’u duk pak e çuditshme
Si erdh kjo vjeshtë, ky mëngjes.
Qiejt e ngrysur pa lejlekë
Dhe shirat pa ylber në mes.

Dhe thënia e vjetër e Heraklitit
Seç m’u kujtua sot për dreq:
“Të zgjuarit janë bashkë në botë,
Kurse të fjeturit janë veç”.

Në ç’ënderr kemi rënë kaq keq,
Që dot s’po zgjohemi vallë?…
Ca pika shiu ranë mbi qelq
Dhe unë për ty seç ndjeva mall

Two Albanian famous recipes – Çomlek me qepë

We are presenting two great Albanian recipes based on the traditional dish called çomlek, a delicious onion based serving, slowly cooked, and with plenty of fresh ingredients.

The version with meat is below:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek dish with veal


Whereas the vegetarian version is here:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek with onions

The passing of Taip Madani – great Chamerian dancer

Taip Madani, the famous artist dancer of the Chamerian / Epirote folk dances passed away today after a car accident in Chameria, Southern Albania.

He will be remembered most famously for performing the legendary, ancient dance of Osman Taka. This is how Albanian author, Shefki Hysa, describes Madani’s brilliant performance of this unique dance.

“Many artists have danced over the years this dance, but nobody could dance it till nowadays like the artist boy Taip Madani, from the village Shala of Konispol. It is said that with his brilliant dance in the Folk Festival of Gjirokastra in October 1978, Taip Madani made the dance of Osman Taka one of the most beautiful dances and most evaluated of the modern times.
Through his virtuous dance, the artist of our time, Taip Madani, not only reinstated in the contemporary scenes the golden glow of this inaccessible dance, to the Chamerian dances in general and to itself impressive Chamerian folklore, but he re-created even the myth of the new Osman Taka, able to restore through centuries the unquestioned values of the artist-hero, the old Osman Taka who shines like a brilliant among the brilliant of the treasures of the Albanian folk culture.”

Shefki Hysa, author

For a full description of this mythical, legendary dance, please click below:

The Chamerian / Epirote Dance of Osman Taka

Albania to honor Albanian-American WWII Veterans

Ndërsa kërkesën e veteranëve shqiptaro–amerikanë të SHBA-ve nga Bostoni për ngritjen e një përmendoreje për amerikanët e rënë gjatë Luftës së Dytë Botërore në Shqipëri, kryeministri Berisha  e vlerësoi shumë të drejtë dhe premtoi se në bashkëpunim me Bashkinë e Tiranës do të diskutojnë ngritjen  e një përmendoreje në nderim të tyre.

“Zoti ministër i mbrojtjes, veteranët shqiptaro-amerikanë, të SHBA-ve nga Bostoni kërkojnë me shumë të drejtë që Shqipëri të ngrejë një përmendore për amerikanët e rënnë gjatë Luftës së Dytë Botërore në Shqipëri. Ajo që është e veçantë, shumica  etyre kanë qenë shqiptarë amerikanë, pra duke e parë me pozitivitet këtë kërkesë, duke  e vlerësuar si një detyrim, ata kanë dërguar dhe listën e tyre. Në tërësi, ata kanë qenë oficerë të shërbimeve strategjike, të marinës, ose trupa të tjerë amerikane. Për këta ne duhet të ngremë një përmendore në nderim të kujtimit të tyre, nderim të veprës së tyre. Ata kanë rënë në Shqipëri, për tu bërë të pavdekshëm dhe për të mbetur ne memorien e kombit shqiptar dhe atij amerikan. Ndaj dhe së bashku me Bashkinë  e Tiranës, do të diskutojmë të ngremë  Albanian government discusses the raising of a monument honoring Albanian-American WWII veterans

Animal Rights in Albania

Stop the killing of stray dogs in Korça…

Albania – Cani randagi uccisi a colpi di fucile – Al via la strage (FOTOGALLERY)

Soluzione randagismo a colpi di fucile come in altri paesi europei – Problemi anche per i randagi ucraini accuditi da Andrea Cisternino.

di redazione | 26 aprile 2013

albaniaGEAPRESS – Korca, cittadina dell’Albania centro meridionale, non molto distante dal confine con la Macedonia e la Grecia.

Secondo quanto denunciato dall’associazione Animal Rights in Albania, il Sindaco della cittadina  avrebbe pagato per l’equivalente di pochi euro, una squadra di cacciatori. Questi sarebbero autorizzati in pieno centro urbano e nelle ore serali, a sparare contro i cani randagi. Per un paio di notti, al via l’uccisione dei randagi. A colpi di fucile e tra le case.

Una ragazza di Korca ha avvisato gli animalisti albanesi che stanno ora lanciando un appello da diffondere con  una petizione. Il Sindaco di Korca deve subito fermare le squadre dei cacciatori. Ieri mattina, alcuni attivisti, si sono recati nella via dove è stato ucciso il povero randagio ripreso nella foto. In terra, nella pavimentazione, c’erano i resti di sangue (vedi fotogallery).

Il Sindaco di Korca, riferiscono ora da Animal Rights, si sente Dio, ed ha deciso così sulla vita e la morte dei cani randagi.

In Albania, come in altri paesi europei, non è la prima volta che la soluzione del randagismo viene data in mano ai cacciatori. Una recente proposta di legge avanzata presso il parlamento ucraino, ad esempio, proponeva per i randagi una sorte di equiparazione alla fauna selvatica. Cacciatori a tutti gli effeti, autorizzati a sparare contro i cani.

Un atteggiamento difficile da contrastare, come dimostrano, tra l’altro, le ultimissime notizie che affluiscono proprio da Kiev. Nuovi cani uccisi ed altri scomparsi all’Idroscalo. Forse una ritorsione contro una volontaria la quale, incontrato in uno studio televisivo l’autore di molte uccisioni,  si è scagliata contro (vedi VIDEO )

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