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This section contains articles on Albania and related topics authored by Van Christo and others.

Van Sotir Christo is appointed Honorary Consul of Albania in Massachusetts

Van Christo

Van Christo poses with a 1927 General Electric radio given to him by an appreciative fan of the Van Christo Radio Theatre. 

Citing more than 50 years of service to Albania and the Albanians, H.E. Ditmir Bushati, Foreign Minister of Albania, appointed Van Sotir Christo of Brookline, Massachusetts, as the new Honorary Consul of Albania in Massachusetts. The U.S. Department of State confirmed his new appointment in January, 2015.

Christo was President and Creative Director of Van Christo Advertising in Boston, Massachusetts, from 1960 to 1994 serving hi-tech/industrial clients in the USA, Canada, and the UK . His agency won numerous citations and recognitions including two CLIO Awards and two International Broadcasting Awards.

After the fall of Communism in Albania in 1994, Christo perceived a need for an organization to assist Albanian immigrants arriving in Massachusetts with housing, medical, educational, and other issues that arose as they attempted to find their way in a new country. In 1994, he formed the Frosina Information Network, a non-profit organization that provided valuable counsel and assistance to hundreds of Albanian and other immigrants. Christo was appointed to the Massachusetts Governors Advisory Council on Refugees and Immigrants by Governors Weld, Cellucci, and Swift.

In 2008, Christo’s wife, Jane Christo, as General Manager of NPR radio Station WBUR in Boston, received a Medal of Gratitude from Albania’s President Alfred Moisiu for her work in training Albanian and Kosovar journalists in both their home countries and the USA after the fall of communism. In 2012, her husband, Van Christo, was awarded the Order of Mother Teresa Medal from Albania president Bamir Topi for aiding Albanian immigrants arriving in America and for calling attention to the plight of Kosovars then under a repressive Serbian regime.

Christo is a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, where he served in the Pacific as a Petty Officer on the U.S.S. Chaffee, DE230. In January, 1945, the Chaffee was struck in the bow by a Japanese torpedo intended for the battleship, U.S.S. Pennsylvania, BB38. For this heroic action, the Chaffee crew was awarded the Philippine Liberation Medal with Bronze Star. Christo is a Founding Member and Commander Emeritus of the Albanian American War Veterans of the United States (AAWV) in Massachusetts.

Christo and his wife Jane reside in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Humphrey Fellowships – students from Albania and Kosovo are eligible to apply

hereFrosina is pleased to announce that students who are nationals of Albania or Kosova are eligible for the prestigious Humphrey Fellowships, administered by the Institute of International Education in Washington, D.C.

Interested individuals should contact the Public Affairs offices at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana and at the U.S. Embassy in Prishtina.

For more information, please click in the link

Albanian Flag Day Celebration in St. Louis, MO


On Thursday, November 20, 2014 a program to celebrate Albanian Independence Day will be held at the Macklind International Senior Center, 1329 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110. The event, which runs from 10:30 until noon, will feature traditional music, poetry, a photography, exhibition and refreshments. Participants will include Albanian senior citizens who attend the center, their families and local government officials.

The event commemorates November 28, 1912 when Albania became free after 500 years of Ottoman Empire rule.

Macklind International Senior Center is sponsored by Bilingual International Assistant Services, a non-profit agency that provides health, wellness and social services for foreign born individuals. The Senior Center is Missouri’s only multi-cultural program that provides daily lunches and activities for older immigrants and refugees. For more information, please contact Jason Baker at (314) 645-7800,



Week of Women 2014

March 24-28, 2014

Pristina, Kosovo

The third annual Week of Women will bring together more than 100 women representatives of political parties, civil society, business, media and academia to provide them with skills, knowledge and networks to help them seize new opportunities and tackle challenges they face in political, economic and social life. The event will be hosted by the Kosovo Assembly’s Women’s Caucus and Week of Women alumni.

From NDI


Alexandra Chako – Malisory of Voskopojë, Albania and Southbridge, MA turns 105

The Worcester Telegram carried today the wonderful story of Alexandra Chako – Malisory, a native of Voskopoja in Albania and resident of Southbridge, MA, who turned 105 on Wednesday, March 6, 2014.

Frosina wishes Ms. Chako – Malisory all the very best for this remarkable anniversary.

Southbridge has been one of the most important centers of the Albanian – American community in the past 100 years. VATRA had a very active branch there and an important Orthodox Church  was founded around that time under the leadership of late Archbishop Fan S. Noli.

Nee’ Alexandra Chako, Ms. Malisory met her future husband Spiro in the mid 1930s during one of the latter’s visits to relatives in Albania. The last name Malisory means in Albanian language “a native of the mountain” or “Malësor”.

Asked by the Worcester Telegram about the secret to her longevity, “the native of Voskopoje, Albania, said she often eats cheese and yogurt. If she doesn’t have feta cheese and toast for breakfast, “I’m no good,” she concedes.”

An avid Red Sox fan, her family brought Ms. Malisory to enjoy a Red Sox game at the Fenway Park five years ago for her 100 anniversary.  She recently complained to the Worcester Telegram that “that outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury had defected to the Yankees for more money.”

Ms. Malisory has three children, five grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

It is an unwritten custom in the Great Britain that the Queen sends personal wishes to people on their 100th anniversary.

According to the Worcester Telegram, Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick will send an official citation congratulating Ms. Malisory on her 105th “milestone birthday”. Perhaps U.S. President Barack Obama and Albanian President Bujar Nishani may wish to follow suit.

The full story from the Worcester Telegram is here:

Worcester Telegram

BESA THE PROMISE – to be shown at Wayland, MA on March 23, 2014

Frosina is proud to announce that the movie BESA THE PROMISE will be shown in Wayland, Massachusetts on March 23, 2014 at the Islamic Center of Boston.

The movie is one of the documentaries showing the courage and sacrifice of the Albanian people of all religious denominations in saving the Jews of Albania and of other European countries during the terrible and long night of the Holocaust.  Special guest at the event will be Ms. Johanna Gerechter Neumann, a Holocaust survivor and a great friend, who was recently decorated by the President of Albania for being a good will Ambassador for remembrance, reconciliation and peace.

More information on the Weston Wayland Interfaith Group is here:

More information on the event is below:

BESA Wayland poster

Paid Summer Internship on Was Studies in Washington, D.C.

Spend two weeks in Washington, D.C. immersed in the theory, practice, and organization of war. This all-expenses-paid, intensive summer program run by the Institute for the Study of War will engage advanced undergraduate students in small-group seminars taught by distinguished senior leaders in the national security and military communities, including active duty and retired generals as well as leading intellectuals. Previous speakers include Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), and General David Petraeus (Ret.), and the former Deputy Chief of Mission to Baghdad and Islamabad, among others. The dedicated faculty is comprised of Dr. Kim Kagan, Dr. Fred Kagan, and LTG James Dubik (Ret.).

As a Hertog War Studies student, you will learn about military history in a hands-on environment, including a battlefield staff-ride to Gettysburg in order to explore the relationships between terrain, timing, and decision-making in war. By the end of the program, you will have mastered the basics of military theory, understand the relationship between the armed forces and political leaders, and will have learned the technical language of military force.

Dates: July 27-August 8, 2014

Location: Washington, D.C.

Stipend: $1,500, in addition to room and board





This program is for current university undergraduates and May 2014 graduates only.




Contact Details

Lisa Prince


Application Instructions


You will need to submit your resume, statement of interest, unofficial transcript, and at least one academic letter of recommendation.

This program is for current university undergraduates and May 2014 graduates only. Applications are due February 14, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.

For more information and to submit your application please visit

Animal Rights in Albania

Stop the killing of stray dogs in Korça…

Albania – Cani randagi uccisi a colpi di fucile – Al via la strage (FOTOGALLERY)

Soluzione randagismo a colpi di fucile come in altri paesi europei – Problemi anche per i randagi ucraini accuditi da Andrea Cisternino.

di redazione | 26 aprile 2013

albaniaGEAPRESS – Korca, cittadina dell’Albania centro meridionale, non molto distante dal confine con la Macedonia e la Grecia.

Secondo quanto denunciato dall’associazione Animal Rights in Albania, il Sindaco della cittadina  avrebbe pagato per l’equivalente di pochi euro, una squadra di cacciatori. Questi sarebbero autorizzati in pieno centro urbano e nelle ore serali, a sparare contro i cani randagi. Per un paio di notti, al via l’uccisione dei randagi. A colpi di fucile e tra le case.

Una ragazza di Korca ha avvisato gli animalisti albanesi che stanno ora lanciando un appello da diffondere con  una petizione. Il Sindaco di Korca deve subito fermare le squadre dei cacciatori. Ieri mattina, alcuni attivisti, si sono recati nella via dove è stato ucciso il povero randagio ripreso nella foto. In terra, nella pavimentazione, c’erano i resti di sangue (vedi fotogallery).

Il Sindaco di Korca, riferiscono ora da Animal Rights, si sente Dio, ed ha deciso così sulla vita e la morte dei cani randagi.

In Albania, come in altri paesi europei, non è la prima volta che la soluzione del randagismo viene data in mano ai cacciatori. Una recente proposta di legge avanzata presso il parlamento ucraino, ad esempio, proponeva per i randagi una sorte di equiparazione alla fauna selvatica. Cacciatori a tutti gli effeti, autorizzati a sparare contro i cani.

Un atteggiamento difficile da contrastare, come dimostrano, tra l’altro, le ultimissime notizie che affluiscono proprio da Kiev. Nuovi cani uccisi ed altri scomparsi all’Idroscalo. Forse una ritorsione contro una volontaria la quale, incontrato in uno studio televisivo l’autore di molte uccisioni,  si è scagliata contro (vedi VIDEO )

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The Albanian Cinema Project

Viktor Gjika’s “Nëntori i Dytë”  (“The Second November,” 1982) and Fatmir Koci’s “The Land of Eagles” (2007) are showing March 29 at the Directors Guild of America Theater.

Viktor Gjika’s “Nëntori i Dytë” (“The Second November,” 1982) and Fatmir Koci’s “The Land of Eagles” (2007) are showing March 29 at the Directors Guild of America Theater.

The film scholar and critic Cole Hutchison from Brooklyn, New York has written a fascinating article on the History of Albanian Cinema and a movement called the Albanian Film project which strives to preserve and restore Albanian film.

Please take a look at this article at Cinespect for more information: