Choosing a Career

Choosing a career that will hold up over time is not easy. To pinpoint jobs for the future, U.S. News interviewed dozens of experts in 20 fields across the USA. As a result, the following job descriptions offered the best possibilities:

  1. ACCOUNTING: Business Valuator
  3. BANKING/FINANCE Financal Planner
  4. COMMUNICATIONS: Crisis Specialist
  5. EDUCATION: Math/Science Teacher
  6. ENGINEERING: Computer Engineer
  7. ENVIRONMENT: Pollution Fighter
  8. HEALTH CARE: Physician Assistant
  9. HUMAN RESOURCES: Training Specialist
  10. INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: Internet Executive
  11. LAW: Business Expert
  12. MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain / Logistics
  13. MEDICINE: Cosmetic Dentist
  14. PERSONAL SERVICES: Professional Organizer
  15. PUBLIC SERVICES: Corrections Officer
  16. SALES: Electronics Specialist
  17. SOCIAL WORK: Grief Therapist
  18. TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Wireless Technician
  19. TRADES: Truckdriver
  20. TRAVEL/HOSPITALITY: Inbound Tour Guide

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