English as a Second Language (ESL) Books

Author: Connie Christo of Harvard University’s Learning Lab and Nancy Hurxthal of the Boston Public Library

Albanian newcomers, including students arriving in America, can now refer to various published sources to learn the English language. Listed below are several books that are readily available at (or can be ordered through) major book stores. Most of the titles are also available at larger public libraries.

The first 5 books are best for beginners — the others, for more advanced learners.

  1. Complete Course in English Robert J. Dixon (Books 1- 4)
  2. Modern American English Robert J. Dixon (Books 1 – 4)
  3. Side by Side Molinsky & Bliss (Books 1- 4)
  4. Line by Line: English Through Grammar Stories Molinsky & Bliss
  5. Line by Line: Stories for Learners of English Molinsky & Bliss
  6. Day by Day: English for Employment Communication Molinsky & Bliss
  7. Expressways: English for Communication Molinsky & Bliss (Books 1- 3)
  8. Longman English Grammar L.G. Alexander
  9. Voices of Freedom: English for US Goverment and Citizenship Molinsky & Bliss

Emigres are also urged to contact local public libraries which may also loan How to Learn English video tapes.

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