Financial-Aid Sources for Higher Education

Author: TIME Magazine

Frosina receives many inquiries from Albanians and others about college/university financial-aid policies and procedures. For more information about the process, check your local library where you will find compendiums of grants, loans and scholarships. Listed below are some websites and books you may find helpful:


  1. Fill out a personal profile, and FastWeb matches you up with scholarships from its database of hundreds of thousands of awards, updated daily.
  2. Lots of info about aid – including loans you can apply for on-line. Also a database listing sources for more than $1 billion in scholarship funds.
  3. Loads of advice and free, searchable databases.
  4. Posted by the U.S. Department of Education, the Student Guide provides information from the horse’s mouth about federal grants, loans and work-study.
  5. The college- and career-guide publisher offers a free online cram course in financial aid.
  6. Do the paperwork without the paper. Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.
  7. Save the cost of another stamp. If a school you’re applying to requires the College Scholarship Service’s Profile application for financial aid, you can file the forms online.
  8. Offers a useful list of WebSites that provide scholarships, financial aid, scholarship books, college information, job-hunt info, etc.


  1. Meeting College Costs College Board: $13.95. This unintimidating little guide is user-friendly, anecdotal and vastly informative.
  2. College Costs & Financial Aid Handbook College Board; $17.95. A primer on financial aid, with a list of colleges that offer scholarships for talents ranging from art to athletics.
  3. Complete College Financing Guide by Marguerite J. Dennis; Barron’s; $14.95. Practical and up-to-date with samples of forms you’ll soon become all too familiar with.
  4. Paying for College Without Going Broke by Kalman A. Chany; Princeton Review; $18. Financial aid is no laughing matter, but this guide offers a dose of humor along with serious advice for managing the costs of college.

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