Immigration and Refugee Services of America (IRSA)

Author: IRSA’s Ms. Melanie Nezer

Albanian and other newcomers to America should take advantage of the important range of services offered by Immigration and Refugee Services (IRSA) which is the oldest and largest non-sectarian network of organizations serving immigrants, refugees, and other foreign-born people worldwide.

IRSA’s national office, in Washington, DC, coordinates refugee resettlement and immigration programs, provides policy leadership, creates new programs, cultivates relations with other national organizations and agencies of the federal government, develops public information, and educates policy makers.

IRSA’s 35 agencies, located in small cities as well as major metropolitan areas, provide a wide range of direct services and local advocacy in 124 sites throughout the USA.

Its network contains some of the nations’ foremost immigration attorneys and paralegals, certified English-as-a-Second Language teachers, and licensed social workers.

Current IRSA Partner Agencies are located in:

Akron, OH
International Institute

Albany, NY
International Center of the Capital Region

Atlanta, GA
Bridging the Gap Project, Inc.,

Binghamton, NY
American Civic Association

Boston, MA
International Institute of Boston

Bowling Green, KY
Western Kentucky Refugee Mutual Assistance

Bridgeport, CT
International Institute of Connecticut

Buffalo, NY
International Institute of Buffalo, New York

Chicago, IL
Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights

Cincinnati, OH
Travelers Aid International of Greater Cincinnati

Cleveland, OH
The International Services Center

Columbia, MD
Foreign-Born and Referral Network

Detroit, MI
International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit

Erie, PA
International Institute of Erie, Pennsylvania

Gary, IN
International Institute of Northwest Indiana

Honolulu, HI
Immigrant Center

Houston, TX
YMCA International Services

Jersey City, NJ
International Institute of New Jersey

Kansas City, MO
Don Bosco Nationalities Service Center

Lawrence, MA
International Institute of Lawrence

Los Angeles, CA
International Institute of Los Angeles

Lowell, MA
International Institute of Lowell

Miami, FL
Christian Community Service Agency

Milwaukee, WI
International Instutue of Wisconsin

New York City
Travelers Aid Services

Brooklyn, NY
Church Avenue Merchants Block Association

Oakland, CA
International Institute of East Bay

Philadelphia, PA
Nationalities Service Center

Providence, RI
International Institute of Rhode Island

St. Louis, MO
International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis

St. Paul, MN
International Institute of Minnesota

San Francisco, CA
International Institute of San Francisco

Twin Falls, ID
College of Southern Idaho Refugee Service Center

Burlington, VT
Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program)

For more information about IRSA, please contact:

Immigration and Refugee Services of America (IRSA)
1717 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 701
Washington, DC 20036
— Tel: (202) 797-2105
— Fax: (202) 797-2363
— E-mail:
— Web Site:

Frosina wishes to thank IRSA’s Ms. Melanie Nezer for supplying the above information.

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