Mission Statement

The Frosina Information Network is an Albanian immigrant and cultural resource. It is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to helping fulfill the needs and aspirations of persons of Albanian origin and others who have emigrated to the United States by providing some counseling and referral services. It is Frosina’s goal to nurture the Albanian communities of Massachusetts and other Albanian communities across the USA by disseminating information about a broad range of subjects that can benefit émigrés such as career possibilities, English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs, immigration lawyer listings, sources for certifying Albanian and other European university diplomas, job hunting on the the internet, etc., as well as providing non-legal counsel to facilitate the smooth integration of Albanian newcomers into American society until they achieve self-sufficiency.

Although Frosina primarily serves an Albanian constituency, many of theAdvisories that it regularly produces and distributes both in print form and on its WebSite www.frosina.org are utilized advantageously by other ethnic groups such as Hispanics and Asiatics.

It is also a vital and important objective of Frosina to educate people who are not of Albanian origin about Albania and its rich history, its varied and beautiful arts, through education and information that present the virtually unknown culture of this interesting and ancient Balkan people in fair, non-political, and non-sectarian positions.

Frosina’s founder and Executive Director, Albanian-born Van Christo, is a Member by appointment to Massachusetts Governor A. Paul Cellucci’s Advisory Council on Refugees and Immigrants and Massachusetts Health Commissioner Howard K. Koh’s Refugee and Health Advisory Committee.

Frosina actively solicits financial contributions to help support its varied activities on behalf of Albanian and other newcomers to the USA.

Because Frosina has been awarded Section 501(c)(3) status under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, all donations and gifts are deductible for income tax purposes and will be most welcome and greatly appreciated!

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