More About Lord Byron and the Albanian Connection The Albanian Byron Society

Author: The Albanian Byron Society

Tirana — In May 1996 Prometheus Unbound by the 19th century English Romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley was published in Albania after its translation by the secretary of the Albanian Byron Society, Mr. Perekli Jorgoni. This was the first poem by Shelley in the Albanian language. A special program organized by Mr. Jorgoni was broadcast by Albanian Radio-Television that month.

The board of the Albanian Byron Society approved the proposal of Dr. Afrim Karagjozi for the organization of the Byron International Conference in Tirana in the Summer of 1999, on the occasion of the 190th anniversary of Byron’s visit to Albania in 1809 (see Frosina infobit: Lord Byron and his Albanian Costume).

In January 1997 a Board Member of the Albanian Byron Society, Mr. Dhori Qirazi, published his translation of Byron’s The Giaour and The Prisoner of Chillon and some short poems. After Childe Harold, this was the second book about Byron’s works published in Albania.

On 22nd January 1997 the Albanian Byron Society organized an event in the main hall of Qemal Stafa High School in Tirana. The rich and varied program was a literary and poetical montage prepared by students. Dr. Afrim Karagjozi, in his introductory address, announced the the formation of the Youth Society of Byron’s Friends. Its objectives are to make Byron more well known and to increase the number of the poet’s admirers who, in the future, would join the Albanian Byron Society in some of Albania’s main cities. The students dedicated a part of the program to the promotion of the book, Byron’s Poems.

The readings in prose were illustrated with slides and were warmly received by all participants: students, teachers, members of the Society and Albanian educational authorities. Portions of the program were broadcast by Albanian Radio-Television in a special program directed to the youth of Albania.

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