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Famous Modern Albanian Painters

Frosina is pleased to acknowledge the work of four great Albanian painters, whose life and work was  mostly placed outside of the country.


They are:

1. Ali Rasih Dino [1913 – 1993], originally of Chameria;

2. Lin Delija [1926 – 1994], of Shkodra;

3. Lika Janko [1928 – 2001] of Sofia, Bulgaria, but originally from Gramsh, Albania, and

4. Anastas Arthur Tashko [1901 – 1994], of Korça.

In 2009 the Albanian Postal Services dedicated a special stamp series to this group of great painters, called the Albanian Diaspora Painters, shown in the above image. We will write more about their work in the future.  Stay tuned

Two Albanian famous recipes – Çomlek me qepë

We are presenting two great Albanian recipes based on the traditional dish called çomlek, a delicious onion based serving, slowly cooked, and with plenty of fresh ingredients.

The version with meat is below:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek dish with veal


Whereas the vegetarian version is here:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek with onions

Fellowships at Goethe Institute – Albanians are eligible



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Goethe-Institut’s Scholars in Residence Program 2013-2014

February 6, 2013 By 

The Goethe-Institut and the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) have issued the annual call forapplications for the Scholars in Residence Program20132014.

Scholars in Residence is a residency program for youngacademic researchers that promotes the exchange of scholarly research and provides guest residencies for researchers in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences to visit their colleagues in Germany and abroad.

Young scholars are given the opportunity to forge intensive relationships with other researchers, to pursue joint projects and to develop long-term bilateralcollaborations within an international context.

The program partners a foreign scholar and German scholar who focus on projects that bear upon the program’s annual research themes. Within the focal subject matter, one academic from abroad and one German academic will form a duo team

The Scholars in Residence research themes for 2013/2014 are:

The call for applications addresses young academics from the humanities, the cultural, and the social sciences. You canapply individually or already submit a partner application (German applicant and overseas applicant).


  • PhD students and Postdocs
  • Fluency in English (German is not required for participation)

Deadline: 8 April 2013.

For more information, visit this link.