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Pages of History 2 – On Fan S. Noli and VATRA in 1918


[From the American Archives]

From a report of Agent V. J. Valjavec of the Bureau of Investigations, we learn about another little known Albanian newspaper in America at that time.  The report, apparently made out of New York City, was based upon the information obtained casually from an Albanian restaurateur with the last name of Karameta and with the address on West 37th Street. The report mentions also Fan Noli’s visit there, and where to obtain more information about the leader.

The partial copy of the report is below:

“V. J. Valjavec for August 27, 1918. Albanian.

Up until recently the Albanians of New York had a weekly newspaper, which was published in this city. The name of the paper was “Schipetaria” or “Albania”, but the paper, as well as the publishers and editors, moved now to Worcester, Mass. The manager of said paper is a certain Tsaro Kallarati, while the secretary is D. Baba.

Father Noli, mentioned in Agent Weiss’ reports, visits New York only once in a while and stops in Hotel McAlpin or Navarre for one or two days. His activities and connections in this city are not known to Karameta. However, some more information might be obtained from the Albanian leaders in Boston. Their names are: Kol Tromara, Ndreka Stavro, Goni Katundi, M. Bitincku, Angelo Sotir and Kosta Papa. Their addresses are not known to Karameta. However, they are well known among the Schipetars of Boston, Mass”.

Frosina welcomes the contributions of its distinguished readership to shed more light into the very interesting events and circumstances of the amazing efforts of the Albanian-American leaders and movement to preserve the independence and integrity of Albania at the end of WWI. Contributions form the descendants of the above mentioned individuals are most welcome.



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