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Choosing a Career

Choosing a career that will hold up over time is not easy. To pinpoint jobs for the future, U.S. News interviewed dozens of experts in 20 fields across the USA. As a result, the following job descriptions offered the best possibilities:

  1. ACCOUNTING: Business Valuator
  3. BANKING/FINANCE Financal Planner
  4. COMMUNICATIONS: Crisis Specialist
  5. EDUCATION: Math/Science Teacher
  6. ENGINEERING: Computer Engineer
  7. ENVIRONMENT: Pollution Fighter
  8. HEALTH CARE: Physician Assistant
  9. HUMAN RESOURCES: Training Specialist
  10. INTERNET/NEW MEDIA: Internet Executive
  11. LAW: Business Expert
  12. MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain / Logistics
  13. MEDICINE: Cosmetic Dentist
  14. PERSONAL SERVICES: Professional Organizer
  15. PUBLIC SERVICES: Corrections Officer
  16. SALES: Electronics Specialist
  17. SOCIAL WORK: Grief Therapist
  18. TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Wireless Technician
  19. TRADES: Truckdriver
  20. TRAVEL/HOSPITALITY: Inbound Tour Guide

Job Hunting on the Internet

Albanian-American professionals and others who have access to the Internet can now take advantage of finding job openings and other useful prospective employment information both in Massachusetts or anywhere in the USA.


  1. www.magnet.state.ma.us/det/
    Punch up www.magnet.state.ma.us/det/ and under “employer services” click on “job listing.” State and national job listings can also be accessed through computers located at Massachusetts Employment and Training Offices — look in your telephone book for the office location nearest you.
  2. www.masscareers.state.ma.us One-Stop Career Centers with 8 locations across Massachusetts offer both no-cost and fee-based services and will help people:
    • find current job openings
    • enter education & training programs
    • market themselves for future opportunities
    • assess their skill levels and interests
    • anticipate industry trends
    • identify financial aid resources


  1. www.ajb.dni.us/
    Job listings anywhere in the USA through America’s Job Bank can be accessed through www.ajb.dni.us/. Some 500, 000 jobs were listed on America’s Job Bank in 1996, and that number is expected to grow to more than a million by the end of 1997.
  2. www.jobfind.com Looking for a job or need to more about employment opportunities? JobFind offers the following services for any state in the USA to which you may want to relocate or to explore the possibility of employment:
    • Job Search
    • Resumes
    • Career News
    • Information
    • Corporate Profiles
    • Advertising Services
  3. www.doleta.gov 
    One-Stop Career Centers, now being set up in 33 states, will help you write a resume, search for job openings by regions and job skills, and even offer computer classes.