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Famous Modern Albanian Painters

Frosina is pleased to acknowledge the work of four great Albanian painters, whose life and work was  mostly placed outside of the country.


They are:

1. Ali Rasih Dino [1913 – 1993], originally of Chameria;

2. Lin Delija [1926 – 1994], of Shkodra;

3. Lika Janko [1928 – 2001] of Sofia, Bulgaria, but originally from Gramsh, Albania, and

4. Anastas Arthur Tashko [1901 – 1994], of Korça.

In 2009 the Albanian Postal Services dedicated a special stamp series to this group of great painters, called the Albanian Diaspora Painters, shown in the above image. We will write more about their work in the future.  Stay tuned

The passing of Taip Madani – great Chamerian dancer

Taip Madani, the famous artist dancer of the Chamerian / Epirote folk dances passed away today after a car accident in Chameria, Southern Albania.

He will be remembered most famously for performing the legendary, ancient dance of Osman Taka. This is how Albanian author, Shefki Hysa, describes Madani’s brilliant performance of this unique dance.

“Many artists have danced over the years this dance, but nobody could dance it till nowadays like the artist boy Taip Madani, from the village Shala of Konispol. It is said that with his brilliant dance in the Folk Festival of Gjirokastra in October 1978, Taip Madani made the dance of Osman Taka one of the most beautiful dances and most evaluated of the modern times.
Through his virtuous dance, the artist of our time, Taip Madani, not only reinstated in the contemporary scenes the golden glow of this inaccessible dance, to the Chamerian dances in general and to itself impressive Chamerian folklore, but he re-created even the myth of the new Osman Taka, able to restore through centuries the unquestioned values of the artist-hero, the old Osman Taka who shines like a brilliant among the brilliant of the treasures of the Albanian folk culture.”

Shefki Hysa, author

For a full description of this mythical, legendary dance, please click below:

The Chamerian / Epirote Dance of Osman Taka