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English as a Second Language (ESL): Self-Instruction

Author: Ms. Ellen Graf of the Boston Public Library’s Literacy Learning Center

In response to inquiries from the Albanian community and others about sources of English language self-instruction materials other than books (Advisory ED501), The Frosina Foundation is pleased to make the following information available:

Most people learning to speak a new language want to hear the words spoken as well as to see them written on the page. Public libraries,especially in larger cities such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, etc., usually have a Literacy Resource Center (LRC) where English instruction audiocassette/book packages are available. Most of these materials are designed for beginners and are not intended for speakers of a particular foreign language.

This is an especially effective way for new Albanian arrivals to the USA to learn basic English at their own pace since English expressions on cassettes can be conveniently repeated until complete pronounciation and comprehension are attained! Listed below are the names of only a few of many audiocassette/book packages that are generally available for loan purposes from public libraries:


From the Start: Beginning Listening
by Jann Huizenga and Tracey Forrest. Longman, 1987
Simple listening tasks for the very beginner introduces numbers, money and the alphabet.

May I Help You? Learning How to Interact with the Public
by Heide Spruck Wrigley. Addison-Wesley, 1987
A vocational program which stresses language used to communicate with customers in hotels, restaurants, stores, and repair shops.

Whadaya Say? Guided Practice in Relaxed Spoken English
by Nina Weinstein. Prentice-Hall, 1982
A book/cassette set that focuses on the informal English that students are most likely to encounter in the “real” world outside the classroom.

Pronunciation Pairs: An Introductory Course for Students of English
by Ann Baker and Sharon Goldstein. Cambridge University Press, 1990 Designed to teach students to recognize and to reproduce English sounds It also helps them to differentiate between sounds they might often confuse.

Listen and Say it Right: When to Use Formal and Everyday English 
by Nina Weinstein. National Textbook Co., 1992
A basic Listening & Conversation program designed to teach High Beginning and Intermediate students.

English-Albanian and Albanian-English Dictionaries

For Albanian-Americans and others who need a little help in reading/writing the Albanian language, or for recent Albanian arrivals to the USA who need some assistance in understanding English, the Frosina Foundation is pleased to recommend several dictionaries that can be ordered from the publisher by any bookstore:

Catalog # 0-7818-0021-8
441 Pages
20,000 entries
9-1/2″ x 6-3/4″
Price: $14.95

Catalog # 0-87052-077-6
510 Pages
20,000 entries
5-1/4″ x 7-1/2″
Price: $14.95

Catalog # 0-7818-0419-1
400 Pages
18,000 entries
4-3/8″ x 7″
Price: $14.95

(Available June 1997)
Catalog # 0-7818-0510-4
1,000 Pages
60,000 entries
Price: $60

Or order directly from:
Hippocrene Books Publishers
171 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Tel. (212) 685-4371
Customer Service: (718) 454-2366

Albanian Language Instruction

Author: Pimsleur International

Dr. Ludmilla Buxheli, an Albanian linguist recently engaged in linguistics research at Harvard University, was selected by Pimsleur International to write Speak & Read Essential Albanian I — the 20th self-instruction, foreign-language course in the world-renowned Pimsleur Series. The digital recording was produced at Harvard University.

Based upon Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s pioneering research and development work in self-instructional, spoken foreign-language communication skills training, this self-instruction, audiocassette course provides a cost-effective and efficient way for anyone to acquire the ability to understand and speak the Albanian language!

Already in great demand by Americans who want to develop business opportunities in a now-democratic Albania, this program solves the language communications problems for travelers who can now take full advantage of visiting previously restricted archeological and historic sites, non-Albanians married to Albanian spouses, 2nd and 3rd generation Albanian-Americans who want to brush up, or anyone who wants to acquire the Albanian language — the direct descendent of the ancient Illyrian language.

Speak & Read Essential Albanian I, like all Pimsleur courses, provides real-life conversations by two native Albanian speakers (male and female) of the language and an English-speaking tutor-on-the-tape to guide you through the training.