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Two Albanian famous recipes – Çomlek me qepë

We are presenting two great Albanian recipes based on the traditional dish called çomlek, a delicious onion based serving, slowly cooked, and with plenty of fresh ingredients.

The version with meat is below:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek dish with veal


Whereas the vegetarian version is here:

Traditional Albanian Çomlek with onions

Van Christo Recommends

Visitors to Coes Cafe in Worcester, Massachusetts, are in for a rare treat when they order the restaurant’s popular Albanian Salad – the creation of an Albanian-American Chef , Mark Johns.

Testimony to the success of this unique and tasty salad is the fact that, according to Johns, many of the restaurant’s Greek customers always order it.

It’s delicious. Enjoy!

Albanian Salad
Roasted red peppers and onions,
toasted walnuts over arugula
with garlic dressing,
Toss lightly and serve.