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Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians

Author: Office of New Bostonians

The Office of New Bostonians is an initiative of Mayor Thomas M. Menino to stengthen the ability of residents from diverse cultural and linguistic communities to fully participate in the economic, civil, social, and cultural life of the City of Boston.

Albanians and other newcomers to Greater Boston should call the Office of New Bostonians at (617) 635-2980:

  • To find out what services the City provides for immigrants and refugees in Boston.
  • If you or someone you know needs assistance accessing city government services.
  • For referral to community groups in the Boston area that offer services to refugees and immigrants.
  • To find an English as a Second Language (ESL) or citizenship class.
  • To share concerns and problems that face immigrants and refugees in Boston today.

Just one example of the variety of referral services offered by the Office of New Bostonians is the following:

Jobs & Career Services

All of these locations offer free or low-cost job training or job search assistance.

Boston Career Link
281 Huntington Avenue
(617) 536-1888

JobNet (Downtown Boston)
210 South Street
(617) 338-0809

JobNet (Roxbury)
1010 Massachusetts Avenue
(617) 427-4855

The Workplace (Downtown Boston)
101 Federal Street
(617) 737-0093

If you do not speak English and you need help to access city services, call the Office of New Bostonians 24 hours in advance at (617) 635-2980 to arrange for an interpreter.

Office of New Bostonians
Boston City Hall, Room 803
Boston, MA 02201
Tel: (617) 635-2980
Fax: (617) 635-4540