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Fellowships for Youth – Albanians are eligible!



2013 YouthActionNet Laureate Global Fellowship!


Applications for the 2013 Fellowship program are due by March 17, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST

Learn more about the Fellowship application by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions, our Approach to Social Entrepreneurship, and Testimonials from previous Fellows!

To learn tips for creating your best application, watch our video or visit our blog.



• Open to all young people, ages 18-29 as of October 1, 2013
• Applicants must be the acting founder/co-founder of an existing organization, or a project within an organization, with a demonstrated one year track record of leading societal change
• Proficiency in English is required; applications must be submitted in English
• Applicants must attend the full retreat (all expenses paid) to take place in early October 2013

Key Dates

March 17: Applications for the 2013 Fellowship program are due by March 17, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST

May 22: Finalists will be notified by May 22, 2013.

October 2013: The 2013 retreat will take place within in early October in Brazil.


About the application:

Video: The video is a mandatory portion of the application–if you do not submit a video, your application will not be considered. Your video will be the first opportunity we have to see your passion, knowledge, and unique perspective. We hope you will be specific and succinct in explaining your personal relationship to your work (why you do what you do), the steps you have made towards change (what your project/organization does) and what a successful future looks like for your project/organization.

We understand that there are varying degrees of technology access around the world and thus are willing to accept a variety of video qualities (from camera phones to Flip cameras) which will be given equal consideration across the pool of applicants. We much prefer a lower-quality video that directly addresses our questions to a professionally-produced video that does not address our questions. We are looking for authenticity.


Narrative Application: Within this section you will provide us with details that support what we learned in the video. Please remember to thoroughly describe your work in a way that an outsider with no knowledge of the issue you are addressing would understand. Help us understand the specific programs, projects, and activities that your organization offers. We are interested in your long-term vision, but it is important for us to understand your current activities. You must provide all requested information within the narrative application.


References: You will be asked to enter the contact information for two references who can discuss your eligibility for the fellowship.

Supporting Documents: You will have the opportunity to submit up to three additional documents that may provide judges with a better understanding of your project.
Pro tip! We highly recommend that you download the word version of the application to preview and craft your answers offline. This is a great way to think through your responses and have a saved copy for yourself! Once you have your application complete to your satisfaction you can return to the site and submit online.
Click here to apply online

While online submissions are strongly preferred, applicants may email completed word application forms to: l.jones@iyfnet.org

Click here to download the Word application

For questions and comments, contact l.jones@iyfnet.org

A Foster Care and Volunteer Program for Refugee Youth

Author: Diane Mitchell of Commonwealth Catholic Charities

The Refugee Unaccompanied Minors Program (RUMP) began placing refugee youth in foster homes in 1982. Since that time, more than 500 young people have been served throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Currently, RUMP serves youth from Kosova, Cuba, Haiti, Southeast Asia and Africa. RUMP is a statewide program and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children.

RUMP links refugee youth with nuturing foster families and mentors who serve as short and long term surrogate parents and role models. Foster parents and mentors help refugee youth adjust to the United States and become independent, self-sufficient adults. RUMP receives the youth after they escape their homeland due to the threat of religious or political persecution. These children arrive in the United States without parents or other adult relatives.

RUMP offers a safe haven in which they can build new life and a brighter future. Youth live in foster homes or independently in the community. Regardless of their living situation, the youth receive intensive support services from social workers, bilingual workers and other program staff members. Youth remain in RUMP until the age of 21 if they are attending a full-time educational program. Foster parents, volunteers and staff work closely together to provide the highest quality services ot insure a smooth transition to U.S. culture.

Foster Parents and Mentors are:

  • Commited to helping youth build new lives
  • Interested in other cultures
  • Willing to share their homes and their lives
  • Of any nationality
  • Single, married, or divorced
  • With or without children of their own
  • Different ages, income levels, and religions

Benefits include:

  • Monthly stipend
  • Training and support counseling
  • Medical and dental coverage for the youths
  • Helping a refugee youth build a new life
  • Opening your heart to the hopes and dreams of youth
  • Gaining a global perspective by sharing your home with a youth from another culture

Services provided to foster families, volunteers and youth:

  • Bilingual and translation services
  • Specialized training focusing on foster parenting and mentoring
  • Cultural orientation and training
  • On-going support services and 24-hour emergency services
  • Support groups for foster parents, volunteers, and youth
  • Educational support services

For more information, please contact:

Commonwealth Catholic Charities Refugee Unaccompanied Minors Program
PO Box 6565 Richmond, VA 23230-0565
Tel: (804) 285-5900

Frosina thanks Diane Mitchell of Commonwealth Catholic Charities for helping with the above information.