The Unforgettable Spring of 1998 in Four Interviews by H.E. Petrit Bushati, Albanian Ambassador to the United States


As humans, we  have a tendency to forget the past. Thanks to books, archives, documentaries and other media, we can bridge the gap between our memory and the time that flies inexorably away from us.
The unforgettable Spring of 1998 – where hundreds of thousands of Kosovar Albanian refugees were forced to leave their homes under gunpoint –  is only sixteen years behind us – and yet it seems like a whole Century has passed.
Thanks to C-Span – the American Public TV Network – we can now bring some of those moments back, and remind generations to come what occurred with the message “never again”.
Frosina is pleased to reintroduce the interviews of H.E. Petrit Bushati, Albania’s Ambassador to the U.S. in those historical days, as archived by C-Span.
Below there are four interviews taken on three different times, representing as many crucial historical moments:
1 – Interview of April 20, 1998 – when NATO military strikes were tightening the grip on Milosevic;
2 – Interview of May 18, 1998 – when the first signs of cracks in the Milosevic’s grip on Kosovo were emerging; and
3 – Two interviews in one day, on 21 June 1998 – when hopes for the return home of the refugees were increasing by the hour.
The four interviews can be watched here.
The interviews of Ambassador Bushati on the C-Span network are also a worthy tribute to the man who represented Albania in the United States of America in one of the most difficult and pressing crises of the last Century.